AUSTIN, Texas-- A national rally has reached the Lone Star State.

Tens of thousands are gathering in Washington, D.C., and thousands more will spread out in Texas, in support of immigration reform on Wednesday.

There are some clear demands from the group. They're looking for a pathway to citizenship, an end to military deployment along the border, and an end to deportations.

It's just the latest in a string of rallies during this Legislative session, all centered on immigration reform.

I'm here for the rights of people, of the rights of human beings, and one of those is through immigration reform, said Rev. Todd Salmi of the First United Methodist Church in San Marcos during a February rally.

Currently a group of senators are considering a measure designed to help secure the border by allowing tens of thousands of low-skilled foreign workers into the country.

The measure would also grant eventual citizenship to the estimated 11 million people already living here illegally.

The rally in Austin kicks off at noon. Rallies will also be held in Dallas, El Paso and Houston.

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