HARRIS COUNTY, Texas A masked gunman jumped out of a vehicle in front of a northwest Harris County home, shooting and killing a man in his garage, deputies said late Sunday.

It happened around midnight on Seton Lake Drive, according to the sheriff s office.

Investigators said the suspect got out of a gray vehicle and started spraying bullets at the victim. He died at the scene while the suspect fled.

At least two people may have seen the shooting. They told investigators the shooter was wearing a mask, but a more detailed description of the suspect and their vehicle was not available.

The family was clearly emotional and shaken up by the incident and did not wish to speak to the media about the man s death.

Deputies said some of the family members were inside the home when the shooting occurred.

There were multiple people, I don t know how many, said an investigator. I don t have a count, but it may have been his sister and mother maybe, and maybe somebody else.

No one else in the home was injured.

Investigators are hoping evidence left behind at the scene will help them find the killer.

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