HOUSTON -- A Houston woman says a trip to her neighborhood Target store ended with a scary confrontation in her driveway.

Jean said nothing about her trip to the store near Studemont and I-10 seemed off. She went there around 5 p.m. on Monday to shop for shoes.

As she left the parking lot, she believed someone was following her.

Jean pulled into her driveway, located about three miles away anda strange man pull up behind her.

She got out of her car and stared the stranger down.

I was afraid that if I went into the house, he was going to try to get into the house, she explained.

Jean said the man didn t go away. According to her, he pulled into a driveway two doors down and got out of his car.

He said, can I come in and have sex with you? I was caught off guard by this and said, excuse me, what? she recalled.

She said the vulgar advances got worse.

Being seven months pregnant, Jean was especially disgusted. At the same time, she said she didn t want to back down.

Jean made a daring move toward the man and began yelling and screaming. She said the man got back into his car, but before he could get away she took a photo with her cell phone.

I saw your face. I know what kind of car you drive. I want everyone to know who you are, said Jean. You re not going to get away with it. You re not going to take my security away from me.

The photo captured the man s face and his license plate. Jean hopes it will be enough for police to apprehend the man and charge him.

If any of us were in that situation, we d like to think we could have the nerve to stop and take a photo. She really came through, said Jean s husband, Caleb.

Jean posted about her encounter on her civic association s Facebook page. She said another woman has since shared an eerily similar experience involving a man and a car with a very similar plate number.

In fact, Jean said the license plate the other woman took down is just one digit off from the plate in her photo.

Jean s husband said he visited the Target himself and learned that this may not be the first time something like this has happened there.

KHOU 11 News contacted Target for comment on Wednesday afternoon. A spokesperson, based in Minnesota, wouldn t say whether the store was aware of the claims. KHOU is still waiting to hear back from that spokesperson.

Houston police said the case is being turned over to their homicide division, which also deals with assault cases. As of Wednesday afternoon, the case still hadn t been assigned to an investigator.

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