WHARTON A man says he was arrested, strapped to a chair and then punched by a sheriff s deputy. Now, he wants to make sure the man with the badge is prosecuted.

Derek Washington said he never thought he d wind up in jail. But what allegedly happened behind bars has left him reliving a nightmare.

I m terrified, said the 25-year-old who claimed to have never been in trouble with the law until the recent event.

On Friday night, Washington was arrested for public intoxication and booked into the Wharton County Jail. He said he was left in a jail cell alone and started to feel faint.

I pushed the intercom button and I told them, 'I m a borderline diabetic and I think my blood sugar is low,' Washington said.

But instead of providing medical attention, he claimed deputies placed him in a restraint chair and strapped down his arms and legs. Then, Washington said one of the deputies repeatedly punched him in the face.

It was just unreal. You hear stories about it and see things all over the world. But you never think it will happen to you, he said.

Washington took pictures of his injuries and filed a written complaint. He also asked activist Quanell X for help.

It is very unfortunate what happened to this young man, said Quanell X. But this young man is not an exception to the rule. This happens all the time.

A sheriff s official said the deputy involved has been suspended pending the outcome of an internal review.

The official added that the department is thoroughly committed to investigating the matter, and hasaskedthe Texas Rangers to conduct an outside inquiry.

Washington wants the deputy involved in the alleged assault to face prosecution.

He should have to go through the same justice system everybody else has to go through, said Washington.

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