HOUSTON -- Two metal plates covering a construction project on San Felipe Street in the River Oaks area are causing headaches for homeowners.

It's all you hear all day long, said Connie McKenzie. If I can hear it in the shower, it's loud.

Her neighbors in the Oak Estates subdivision can hear it too.

That's a noise that sounds like someone is pounding pipes into the ground, said Ken Suminski. I don't even know what they're doing over there.

CenterPoint Energy told KHOU 11 News that the plates on the road are the last to be removed from a steel gas main line project that should be completde in the next week or so.

Usually the plates are secured down with small amounts of asphalt, but the two plates near Suffolk Drive clank and jingle each time a car passes.

Hopefully it's gonna be for a short period of time, said Suminski. Hopefully it's a thing that benefits the area.

CenterPoint says it will, but neighbors say it's causing sleepless nights.

Loud banging, said McKenzie. It's gets on your nerves.

On Thursday evening, CenterPoint sent a crew out and they removed the plates.

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