HOUSTON An upcoming gadget is one of many in the spotlight at this year s South by Southwest festival in Austin. If you re the kind of person who is always taking photos, Memoto is for you.

You ve probably heard of blogging, and vlogging (or video blogging), but what about life logging?

Memoto is a small camera you wear on your clothes, and it takes a photo of your life every 30 seconds. The tiny device also has GPS, so it s logging the location, time, and date each photo was taken.

It only needs to be recharged every couple days, says its maker. When you plug it into your computer, it automatically downloads all the images, which you can clip and share on Facebook, etc.

Some like the idea, saying they would use it all the time. Others say it s good for vacationing or remembering a beautiful hike through a scenic area.

Worried about your fashion style? There are three colors to choose from.

If you want it, it ll cost you a pretty penny: about $280. It comes out in April. You can get free shipping if you pre-order now.

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