HOUSTON Some say Charlie Ward is one of the most humble superstars you d ever hope to meet.The former dual sports star is finding great satisfaction working at the high school level.

His friends call him Charlie.

He just really is the most humble spirit you will ever know, says Cary Simonds. Simonds is the Director of Special Projects at Westbury Christian School.

His players call him coach.

He doesn t speak too much about his career. He s more worried about us and our success than his success, says Westbury Christian H.S. Wide Receiver Dominique Hebert.

Everyone who meets him knows him to be a winner.

He s really soft-spoken, really humble, doesn t exalt himself in any way at all. He just acts like a real person who you can talk to anytime you want, said Wildcat Offensive Guard Clayton Smith.

Ward won the Heisman Trophy and led Florida State to a National Football Championship.

When I look back at my story, where I ve gone and all the things that I ve been a part of and affiliated with and done, I can t make sense of it, says this soft spoken superstar.

He was the first round pick in the NBA draft, he played in an NBA championship series and even coached with the Rockets for two years, but as he sees it, one of his biggest accomplishments in life is what he s doing every day at Westbury Christian High School.

It s part of God s journey for my life and I just go where he asks me to go and do what he asks me to do and do it to the best of my ability, says this leader of young men.

Ward is the head football coach at Westbury Christian High School. He s also part of the Development Department at the school, so even though he hopes to lead his Wildcat football team back to the playoffs this fall, he also has a much bigger goal in mind. He and others are raising $12 million to develop a nearby plot of land that would ease overcrowding on the main campus and would become a first class athletic facility which would include fields for baseball, softball, football and track.

I m enjoying where I am today and I m enjoying helping kids and helping build this facility. That s part of what God s signed me up for here. I m grateful for the opportunity they ve given me to make that happen, Ward said.

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