HARRIS COUNTY -- A devoutly Catholic family living near Tomball is packing for what they call a pilgrimage to Rome.

The O'Haras are celebrating 25 years of marriage. The didn't plan their vacation around the upcoming conclave, but actually booked their trip last year.

All of a sudden that was in the news, said Phil O Hara. I read that and I realized that's right before we go. That means there's not gonna be a pope when we're there.

The O Haras won't get to take part in a Papal audience as they had hoped. And, the Sistene Chapel will be off limits too, but they will be there for history in the making.

You can't miss that, said Lisa O'Hara. We have all the regular things we're gonna see and we get to see this too.

Their children range in age from nine to 20, and are all taking this vacation during their Spring Break.

For them, it's gonna be an experience, said Phil.

Only Phil has travelled internationally before, so mom is making sure they keep within their budget.

Everybody gets one bag and it s a carry on, said Lisa. They have to fit everything they want to take to Rome in that one bag.

Some might call their timing on this trip a stroke of luck or even fate.

For the O'Haras, they see it as a gift from God.

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