HOUSTON - Firefighters said a 7-year-old boy playing with a lighter accidentally set a crib on fire, which then spread to the rest of his family s apartment late Tuesday.

No injuries were reported.

The Houston Fire Department was called to N. Wayside Drive at Dockal Drivearound midnight.

The first firefighters on the scene said they found flames shooting from the second floor of a townhome. They made a quick attack to get the fire out before it spread to other units.

Investigators later determined the fire was started by a young boy playing with a lighter. HFD said the boy was upstairs while his parents were downstairs.

He s a normal 7-year-old, a good child, said relative Quinton Reece. You know just like any other kid growing up, you know. Nothing bad. I mean you know, a regular child.

The fire quickly spread fromthe crib toa wall and then the rest of the room. HFD said they were able to stop it before the fire got into the attic.

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