MIDLOTHIAN For as long as parents have been adopting children, some children have been wondering who their biological parents are.

In the age of social media, searching for birth parents can now be faster and go further than anyone thought possible including Sarah Bryce.

I have friends on my Facebook that I was just acquaintances with in high school and junior high, Bryce said.

But now, with one Facebook post, she's the one doing the looking for two people she hardly ever knew: Her birth parents.

Bryce was adopted in 1978 from Duncan Memorial Hospital in Fort Worth when she was just 10 days old. Her adopted mother died six years ago, and was always her hero.

But Brice has always wondered about the 18-year-old man and 16-year-old woman who brought her into the world. It's them she wants to find with her Facebook post that's now been shared around the nation and the world.

Still, there's that nagging fear.

It's one thing to hear that someone has passed away; it's a totally different thing to find out that somebody doesn't necessarily want to have contact with you, she said.

Bryce posted her online plea 10 days ago. She's since been overwhelmed with kind words, and even a few actionable leads.

I really want that connection. I want to fill a void that's been in my heart my whole life, she said. But I'm strong to accept the fact that it may never happen.

Those are the words of a strong woman on the outside, but inside, there's still that child who needs to know more.

Perhaps Facebook can help her find the answer.


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