WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas -- Kate Robinson was driving from Pflugerville to Round Rock Wednesday afternoon on the flyover between State Highway 45 and I-35.

She saw a dog covered in mud and despite the danger, she stopped to help.

During a quick check-up at an animal hospital, Robinson posted a picture on Craigslist hoping to find the owner.

It didn't take long before the dog named Delilah was reunited with her family. It turns out, she dug her way out of the yard. Robinson is just glad it all worked out.

It makes me feel great, she said. I'm really happy that I was able to reach out and save this dog when a lot of people drove by and didn't even think about risking their own life to save an animal, and I would do it again and again...the joy that it brought that family and that dog to be reunited - priceless.

Despite her scare on the flyover, Delilah is just fine.

Robinson volunteers, rescuing cats and dogs every day.

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