HOUSTON - Texans are getting their first look at what s being called the future of trucks at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The Ford Atlas is on display right now, and in a city where trucks rule the road, it s getting a lot of attention. This is the first time the new Ford concept truck as appeared outside an auto show and for good reason.

Ford sells 20 percent of its F series trucks in Texas so this is the biggest market by far, said Mike Clifton, a Ford representative.

I like that truck. That is a beautiful truck. That ll work for you, said one spectator.

The Ford Atlas combines all the latest possibilities from its grill to its tailgate including a built-in cargo rack. The Ford Atlas is technically a concept truck with a more than $2 million price tag, but industry insiders say it really a veiled sneak peak at the 2015 year F-150.

There are cameras in each of the rear view mirrors. There is a camera in the front and a camera in the rear, Clifton said.

It is even has navigation to help with parking trailers.

It is a tool and they are wanting their tool to be more effective, Clifton said.

The truck builders are listening to what visitors have to say about the design.

We pay more attention to our customers here than anywhere in the country, Clifton said.

This truck will have a next generation eco-boost engine that will help save on gas mileage.

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