SUGAR LAND - The Skeeters Minor League Baseball season doesn t begin for another couple of months, but Saturday at Constellation Field there was a game being played using a bat and a ball.

The only thing is it wasn t baseball. It was cricket.

In an effort to raise money for the Asians Against Domestic Abuse Foundation, along with just having a very, fun day at the ballpark, doctors from Sugar Land and Houston s southwest side staged an exhibition cricket match on the Skeeters home field.

If you hit the ball and before the fielder gets the ball, if you can run between the wickets you can get one, or two or three runs depending on how many times you can run through, says match organizer Subodh Bhuchar.

Bhuchar is the captain of the SuperDocs team. The opposing team is known as the Scalpels.

Most of these physicians work 17 to 18 hours a day. This is a way to get physicians together, Bhuchar said. There is much more beyond medicine that s in hospitals and that s what you re seeing in this cricket game out here.

The exhibition match lasted approximately six hours and ended after 22 overs, or innings.

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