HOUSTON - An early morning police chase came to a dramatic end Friday when the suspect ditched his burning car and jumped from the third floor of a Galleria-area parking garage, police said.

According to the Houston Police Department, it started when tactical officers approached the suspect in the 6100-block of Hillcroft in southwest Houston. Police said the man hid something in his seat and when they questioned him, he sped away.

Officers gave chase, heading north on the West Loop. The suspect then exited at San Felipe and drove into the parking garage for the Amegy Bank building on Post Oak Parkway, smashing through a gate arm.

Police said the man s car started throwing sparks and eventually caught fire. He stopped on the third floor where he jumped toa grassy area belowto try and get away from police and security.

The alarm went off, I guess when he got to the third floor, said one security officer. I immediately got on the phone with the engineer and let him know what was going on. After that I came out here to see exactly what went on.

I was kind of scared because I didn t know what was going on. I m happy nothing happened to me.

Officers said no officers or bystanders were hurt in the chase, but the suspect was injured from the three-story fall. After being detailed briefly in the back of a patrol car, he was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

HPD said the suspect willface fleeing charges.

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