CYPRESS, Texas Rumors of a possible serial rapist in the Cypress area have women running scared.

Stories about a string of rapes have been popping up on social media sites and blogs.

It s on Facebook. The media is not talking about it. Law enforcement is not talking about it, said Stacey Sisneroz.

A 16-year-old girl was raped and nearly beaten to death earlier this month. Her attacker is still on the loose.

Now women are worried about reports of other attacks.

It makes me feel very insecure, said Sunny Jager. My husband always tells me, Be aware of your surroundings, especially with the three little ones.

The Facebook posts we saw mentioned the sexual assault of a child near Smith Middle School on Monday.

There was another attack near a Randalls a couple of weeks ago.

It turns out those cases are real, according to investigators. But they re not connected to each other or to the 16-year-old s rape. Investigators say one case involved two teens who knew each other. The suspect in the other case is a family member.

There is no lone rapist going around in the Cypress area, said Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

Deputies have scoured the area looking for the rapist who ambushed the 16-year-old. Friends say the victim is still recovering and may have some brain damage.

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