HOUSTON -- Scary moments Monday morning for a woman and her daughter when a knock at the door turned in to a face-to-face encounter with a criminal.

For Barbara Baron, Monday started out like any other morning in her home on Hickory Knoll Drive in southeast Houston. Then a stranger showed up at her door.

He kept knocking, knocking, knocking, Baron said. He had a piece of paper in his hand and he was looking at the paper, like maybe he needed directions or something. But he never stopped knocking.

Baron'sdaughter was also home because of President's Day.

I just came real quiet and said oh my God, it is a red car, Baron said as they peeked through the closed blinds.

We didn t know what to do, Baron s daughter said.

Then the man disappeared.

We did not see him. I said, Do you see him? We looked and said no and at the same time we heard, it sounded like breaking of the glass, Baron remembered.

It was the locked back door being kicked in.

You can see his footprint right there, Baron showed KHOU 11 News.

The ladies panicked and tried to get out, fumbling with the locks while trying to get the front door open.

We both looked back and he was coming in the kitchen this way. He had a red shirt on. Just walking and I said run, run, Baron said.

They did, and the bad guy never stopped -- walking right out the front door.

Police say it is all too common that the suspect was only knocking to see if anyone was home.

They think he came into the backyard over the fence.

I always thought that fence was too high for somebody to jump. Lickety-split, he was over that fence, she said.

Baron said he had to go over the fence because the locks are still in place.

I was terrified, said Baron s 15-year-old daughter.

The would-be burglar did not get away with anything -- at least not anything physical.

I lost my sense of security, said Baron, and I think she did too. You know it is frightening.

Police told Barron that there have been a number of these break-in s in this area.

Officials also said being quiet may have seemed like the right move, but actually acknowledgingyour presenceto a would-be robber may be more effective. Just don'topen the door.

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