ALVIN, Texas -- An Alvin family he is heartbroken after they learned their son's friend stole from them. Now police in several communities are trying to figure out if several incidents are all part of the same ring.

I can't even explain it, mad as can be said 16-year-old John Moore.

Moore met a friend about three years ago at the Houston Rodeo. It's someone who he thought he trusted. Now he has regrets ever hanging out with him.

The Moore family says that same high school student along with two others broke into their Alvin home and stole from them.

They stole three rifles, two shot guns and one of the rifles was loaded. A big screen TV and $1,500 in cash said John Moore, the father.

And the next day in school, police say the teens were caught selling the goods.

They interviewed some of the other students and some of the other students said they were trying to sell a big screen TV. said Moore.

It's unclear if it was the Moore's flat screen.

What police do know is the teen ditched school the day of the burglary. There was nearby surveillance video that shows them pulling up in a black sedan. Two teens got out and walked to the house.

We had the key hidden inside the turtle shell right there said the 16-year-old Moore.

The bad guys even put the key back under the shell after they cleaned house.

The family just wants the loaded gun and the four other guns back.

I don't want no body, kids getting hurt with my gun or someone getting shot, said Moore.

Now Pearland, Bellaire, Alvin, and Manvel police are trying to figure out if it's the burglaries are connected. Police say the teens are in a ring of at least 12 and they attend high school at Dawson or Manvel.

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