PFLUGERVILLE,Texas -- Parents in Pflugerville are being encouraged to remind their children about the dangers of talking to strangers after a man tried to kidnap two young girls early Wednesday morning.

Detectives believe the same man is responsible for three other kidnapping attempts of young girls in the Pflugerville area within the past two and a half months.

What we've noticed in this is from the December incident to now is he's accelerating. First it was conversation, then it was touching, now we're going back and it's all within a three-mile area, said Lieutenant Laura Wilkes with Pflugerville Police Department.

The latest incident happened Wednesday morning around 7:15 in the 2500 block of Quiet Water Pass in the Falcon Pointe neighborhood.

Two elementary school students say a man tried to kidnap them as they walked to school.

Pflugerville police say a nine and 10-year-old were walking along the hike and bike trail on Quiet Water Pass in the Falcon Point neighborhood when a man came up behind them. The girls told police that the man put his hand on one girl's shoulder. When the girls began to scream, the man placed his hand over that girl's mouth.

The girl witnessing the event began to run away. The other girl managed to break free from the suspect and run as well. The girls ran to MurchisonElementarySchool, where they attend, and told staff members what happened.

I've never heard of that happening here actually and we've only lived her a few months, said Bobbi Douglas, a Murchison Elementary School parent.

After Pflugerville police interviewed the two latest victims, officers began to do research and found out that there were three other incidents, two in Travis County in the general vicinity, with a man fitting the same description.

Don't send your child to school by themselves. Watch them all the way or let them ride the school bus. That way if they're on the school bus and make it to the school, it's a lot safer than letting them walk out the door on their without supervision, said Bernard Bell another parent.

The suspect is described as a slender white man with a red or brown goatee or beard. He is believed to be 5'7 to 5'9 and could have blue eyes. He was wearing dark gray sweatpants, a light gray hoodie and dark shoes.

Police say the suspect may have left in a red colored truck. Coincidentally, a red truck with an extended cab and rust spots was spotted in the area by a concerned citizen on Feb. 1.

If you have any information on this case, you are asked to call Pflugerville police at (512) 670-5522 or (512) 670-5577.

Texas Rangers are assisting the investigation.

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