ROUND ROCK, Texas -- Crowds gathered in Central Texas Tuesday morning to pay their final respects as the procession for fallen Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle passed through town.

Around 10 a.m. trucks and crowds lined Interstate 35 in Round Rock Tuesday. The crowd slowly filled in the grassy median along the southbound lanes. Many came with flags in hand as a salute to Kyle's service and sacrifice.

We're all one family and this is what it's about. We lost one of our brothers, and you come to celebrate him and show him that we honor him. Even though he doesn't see us, we know we did, said Army Veteran Randy Crider.

The crowd that gathered along the highway and on overpasses never knew Kyle, but they still felt compelled to come out to honor his procession on the way to the Texas State Cemetery.

It always is heartwarming to see everybody come out. The officers really enjoy it, they're respectful of the people who come out for that and it really means a lot, so I just figured this would be my way of paying back, Retired law enforcement officer Jeff Ungar said.

Outpouring of support lasted down the entire procession route from Midlothian, Texas - nearly three hours away. Hundreds gathered in Waco with flags and signs in hand.

Round Rock police shut down all lanes of southbound I-35 while the procession passed through around 11:30 a.m.

Just before noon the processional made it into Austin. Crowds filled every corner near 7th St. and I-35.

Just here to, the best I know how to show my support, and that is by coming out, with my flag and saying a prayer for him and his family, says Cecilia Moore, who comes from a long line of military family.

He came home, he survived a nasty war out there, and for him to die in this cruel manner I feel sad, says fellow veteran Raul Rosa.

Many people in the crowd said they've read Kyle's best selling book and followed his teachings. They said it was the least they could do to come out and pay respects during his final send off.

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