MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas-- A smelly situation led to amarijuana bust northeast of Houston early Tuesday morning, constables said.

The owner of a Kingwood-area storage facility on Northpark Drive called the Montgomery County Pct. 4 Constable s Office to report a strong odor of marijuana. Anarcotics dog was brought in to track down the drugs.

After obtaining a search warrant, constables went into a storage container where they said they found two separate grow operations.

One operation was within a homemade plywood box. A second, larger operation was found in a 16-foot trailer closed in with plywood. Inside the trailer were lights, an air conditioning unit, and even a watering system.

Constables said the suspect even set up false walls to try and conceal the operation.

Officials dismantled theequipment and removed the pot. They said about 100 plants were seized.

Constables said they know the name of the person who was renting the facility, and they would work to track him down.

The investigation is ongoing.

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