GALVESTON, Texas - Galveston s police chief, Henry Poretto, stood by the actions of his officers who responded to a disturbance at the Mardi Gras celebration Saturday night.

Based on their training, they were able to respond to a bunch of cowards, he said. And that s what they were. A bunch of cowards throwing bottles from several hundred feet trying to hurt our people.

Two people, who were among those arrested and charged with misdemeanors from the incident, said they had nothing to do with the melee.

Candace Silva and her boyfriend, Armando Andrade, claimed they were trying to leave the Strand when police apprehended them.

They didn t tell me anything, said Silva. They didn t read us our rights. We didn t know if we d be arrested or just detained.

Poretto said the entire incident would be reviewed by police, while adding that his officers had taken appropriate action.

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