GALVESTON - It has been a nonstop party Saturday on Galveston with the annual Mardi Gras celebration.

Officials said that attendance has been up this year, and Galveston police said arrests have been down.

The celebration has drawn all kinds of people including George Mitchell, who is credited with helping revive the festival decades ago.

And then who can ignore all those beads some of the best were actually home-made.

I scrounge all the stores for little things that look like that they would go good together. Then I wind up assembling the strands and all different things together, said one partygoer.

For some, the celebration is more than a tradition.

We re from New Orleans originally so it s kind of in our blood. And we re just having a really good time. We re just wishing more people were out here with us, Elizabeth Thornton said.

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