HOUSTON Court documents reveal disturbing information about the man accused of running over his common-law wife in the parking lot of a northwest Houston park.

Houston police arrested and charged Jessie Blanco with murder Tuesday in connection with the death of Melissa Chavez at T.C. Jester Park located in the 4200 block of T.C. Jester.

Her body was found around 3 a.m. Monday.

Police said her killing was captured on video by a surveillance camera mounted on a nearby home. She appeared to have been struck by a car in what police suspect was a domestic dispute.

According to court documents, Blanco got angry when Chavez pushed him as they were leaving a party so he elbowed her in the face, causing her to black out. Then as they drove home he pulled over in the parking lot of T.C. Jester Park where he allegedly choked her until she blacked out again.

He s accused of hitting her with a crowbar several times and then running over her with his vehicle about 15 times.

Blanco s court date was reset Thursday and he remained in jail.

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