SAN ANTONIO -- Paul Cavazos and Heidi Uriostegui say they were ripped off on Dec 11.

Uriostegui came face-to-face with the suspect. She saw him outside on her lawn with her dog. He handed the small dog over and acted as a good Samaritan.

The couple later realized the suspect had been in their home and swiped a laptop. They said he also returned eight days later and got away with a neighbors TV.

Cavazos and Uriostegui set up cameras and placed a sign warning passersby they were being recorded.

We never thought we'd see this person again after putting up signs and security cameras, Cavazos said.

On Jan. 11, Uriostegui saw the suspect again with another TV in hand. Cavazos grabbed his shotgun.

The suspect has been identified as Gilbert Nunez, 27. Bexar County records show he's been arrested 12 times in the past. He's now charged with two counts of burglary.

The video ofthe coupleapprehending the suspect has gone around the world and placed Cavazos and Uriostegui front and center in the debate over gun control. They'd simply like to see more attention on helping those with mental illness.

It happened so quickly, it was the last thing we had expected that day, Cavazos said. I think the most important thing is that we finally got some peace of mind.

Uriostegui added, He got the message and if we hadn't had the gun, what probably would have happened is he would have laughed at us and run off with the TV.

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