HOUSTON -- In a modest, but well-kept neighborhood just miles from the North Freeway there is shackled proof that you never know what s going on behind closed doors. Illegal immigrants were led from a home to an awaiting bus in the 900 block of Cherry Spring in northwest Harris County on Tuesday.

Apparently they re coming in after we ve all gone to bed at night, said neighbor Joe Gayton, but there s a lot of activity at several houses around here.

Still, Gayton said there was nothing to indicate the alleged human smuggling ring that was revealed after a neighbor called in to report a suspicious vehicle.

Twenty individuals from Guatemala to Honduras, to El Salvador and Mexico, said Greg Palmore with the Department of Homeland Security. Three individuals have been arrested on drug charges due to the 15 pounds of meth and cocaine we found inside.

Palmore said the drugs have a street value of $1 million.

The suspected ring leaders face felony drug charges. The illegal immigrants have been transport to ICE detention for processing and medical evaluation.

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