HARRIS COUNTY -- Running errands over the weekend turned into disturbing experience for several women in north Harris County, when they were targeted by a man taking upskirt photos.

Fifty-two-year-old Gabriel Rios is charged with improper photography/visual recording. He posted bond set at $2,000.

Court documents allege he was at the Walmart on FM 1960 near Eldridge on Saturday. Investigators said he used a camera strapped to his shoe.

There were several complaints from women that he had put his foot under women s dresses. He had a video recording device taped to the tongue of his shoe.

Sarah Thompson was shopping at the Walmart two days later.

It s shocking, but not that shocking, said Thompson. A woman in a dress and heels gets hit on a lot.

Of course this was more than getting hit on and Thompson who likes to wear dresses has a simple rule.

Just don t get too close to men when you talk to them, she said.

The victim named in this case, lives next door to the Walmart.

Rios lives two miles from the store, apparently with family who declined to comment.

This appears to be Rios first run-in with the law in Harris County. He requested a court-appointed lawyer.

Meantime, female shoppers are both unhappy and at a loss on how to deal with such situations.

Chyrstal Iley said it was pretty disgusting.

Iley, who prefers to wear pants, added, I don t know how you re supposed to prevent that either. It s taped to his shoe.

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