HOUSTON - The Super Bowl is one of the biggest live events in the world, so whether you re watching with friends or by yourself you ll want to try out an app that lets you join in on the global conversation.

ConnecTV is a free app for both the iPhone and the iPad, but you can also use it on any computer via your web browser. ConnecTV says it lets you share great TV moments with your friends and like-minded fans. You ll find individual chat rooms for every show on TV, from the local news to CSI and also the Super Bowl.

FIRST search for ConnecTV in the App Store or go to ConnecTV s website ( to use it through your Web browser

SECOND log in using your Facebook or Twitter account

THIRD select the TV show you re watching by searching for it OR use the app s auto sync feature; this listens to your TV and puts you in the right chat room

FOURTH get to chatting and meet new people who are watching the same thing you are

Come Super Bowl Sunday we ll be in the KHOU 11 News room chatting away on ConnecTV. Join us starting at 4:45 p.m. Houston time during the pre-game show.

While there you ll also find play-by-play stats, news, and celebrity gossip.

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