GALVESTON Mayor Lewis Rosen was in a rush Thursday morning, trying to reach the groundbreaking ceremony for the city s new downtown transit terminal.

He made it on time and was very honored to be there, but when he returned to his white Chevy Suburban, he found that he wasn t getting back to City Hall right away.

Rosen s SUV was booted by parking attendants Thursday after he failed to pay the $5 fee required in the lot at 25th Street and Santa Fe Plaza. City public information officer Elizabeth Rogers also had her car booted.

Rosen was good-natured about the incident.

Being very thoughtful, I decided not to park on the street and not to take up the spots of the older people who were parking (for the groundbreaking ceremony), Rosen said. I just didn t see the sign.

The lot is across the street from Shearn Moody Plaza, which is home to a number of county offices, including child protective services and the probation department. The lot has been privately owned since last summer, when it was taken over by GTP Parking.

Rosen said he was able to get out of the situation without paying the $5 fee or any extra penalties.

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