TEXAS CITY, Texas -- There is a new development in the story of a 9-year-old boy who said a man tried to abduct him from a bus stop.

Fear spread quickly through the Texas City community Tuesday morning when the child s family contacted police.

The boy originally told authorities that a man grabbed him by the arm around 7 a.m. at the corner of 19th Street and First Avenue.

Kenneth Brown said the man pulled up to him in a red car.

Police say they located that red car and discovered it was being driven by a woman. The woman reportedly told detectives that she was driving by the bus stop on Tuesday morning to bring medicine to her son.

Later Tuesday evening, police say the Brown changed his story.

We went back to re-Interview the child and at that point, the child said the person did not get out of the vehicle and did not attempt to grab him, said Captain Brian Goetschius with Texas City police.

Police say Brown recanted his story around 7:00 p.m. During an interview with KHOU 11 News 15 minutes prior, the boy stood by his original story.

He told me come here, explained Kenneth Brown. He drives back where that green truck is at. He got out and walked slowly by that tree.

Brown s family also believed that their grandson s story was accurate.

He ran because someone tried to grab him, said grandmother Cheryl Mason. If it was a woman who would ve approached him, he would ve said it was a woman not a male.

Police say they don t believe the Kohfeldt Elementary was in any danger at his bus stop. They wanted to pass the sigh of relief to parents across the area.

At the same time, police say they don t want to discourage children from speaking up in the future.

We don t want to downplay what he said occurred. We would like to remind everyone that these things do occur in our communities and to vigilant and listen to our children, added Capt. Goetschius.

Police say Brown missed the bus on Tuesday and was the only one waiting at the bus stop. Experts with Galveston County Child Advocacy Center are expected to speak with him later this week.

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