THE WOODLANDS, Texas-- Have a heart. Those are the words that a young McCullough Junior High school student by the name of Anna King, is hoping to hear soon. In the meantime, she waits her turn on the organ donor list until her diseased heart, operating at just 30 percent capacity, can be replaced.

It s hard to comprehend how you can be an outstanding athlete and a starter on the volleyball team one day, and the next day be coping with a broken heart.

To be accurate, her heart has obviously been in bad shape for a while, but it wasn t discovered until Anna had a chest X-ray to check for pneumonia. The doctors noted her heart was mildly enlarged, and a follow-up with a pediatric cardiologist revealed shocking news. Anna had been living with a rare heart condition, dilated cardiomyopathy, which means her heart has become diseased and has worn itself out. Anna and her family are now working with the transplant team at Texas Children s Hospital in Houston because Anna will need a new heart.

Students at McCullough are showing a whole lot of heart by raising funds towards Anna s heart surgery. February 5 through 13, the student council will be selling T-shirts displaying Anna s logo, A Heart Fit for A. King. In a show of solidarity for Anna, the T-shirts will be worn on Valentine s Day.

In the meantime, to help Anna with her change of heart, the school s charity league has started collecting change leftover from school lunches, and stockpiled in piggy banks.

The collective goal for the fundraising is $2000, said Kathleen Melson, one of Anna s teachers. To date they ve raised more than $1000, so they re more than half-way there.

The students hope their contributions will help with some of the families expenses like gasoline cards for trips to and from the medical center.

Anyone in the community with a heart can help out too. Anna has a website where you can purchase a T-shirt, jewelry, or art, to help fund her cause. Or you can make a monetary donation through her website at the link provided. Any fundraising efforts would be greatly appreciated and Woodlands Online is asking that you be sure to post fundraisers in the Calendar of Events section of Woodlands Online website and post on their Facebook page.

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