SANANTONIO-- A local community center on the west side was targeted by a thief. The suspect ripped off surveillance cameras, but didn't realize the entire heist was recorded.

Jill Oettinger runs the Good Samaritan Center and was shocked to discover the facility's security cameras were stolen. All of the cameras were located in high, hard to reach areas.

People have thrown rocks at cameras, but no one has ever done this, said Oettinger.

The video shows what appears to be a young woman hanging from the roof by one arm. With the other arm free, the suspect then begins to unscrew the camera.

Clearly she s athletic, very attractive, dressed in a way almost out of a movie, said Oettinger.

Dangling several feet off the ground, the thief successfully removes the camera. However, that wasn t the only treacherous feat. The suspect also walked along a gas line only two inches wide to remove another camera.

If it (gas line) were to break, it could ve started a massive fire, said a Good Samaritan employee.

That she is able to hang upside down and unscrew things makes me think we might have a young professional on our hands and she might come back and the center could be very vulnerable, said Oettinger.

Oettinger said she doesn t believe the person in the video is one of the center s students, but a police report has been filed. Damage is estimated in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, which for the non-profit is a lot of money.
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