HOUSTON A north Houston mother happily reunited with her 2-year-old daughter after a terrifying two-day ordeal says she's learned a valuable lesson. The mother allowed her daughter, Alizae Mata, to go on what was supposed to be a brief outing with a trusted family friend, but the woman never brought the little girl home.

Jessenia Sanchez, who dated Alizae s uncle, led frantic family members on a wild goose chase around Houston after disappearing with the child Wednesday morning.

Then on Thursday night, the 22-year-old finally contacted the mom and told them where she and Alizae could be found. Police went to the 8400 block of Broadway where they picked up the little girl and arrested Saldana. She was charged with kidnapping.

It s over now, I got my baby back and that s all that matters, Alizae s mother, Crystal Mata, said.

Police said there are still many unanswered questions, having no clear reason why Saldana refused to return the little girl.Crystal Matais just happy it is all over. Still, she wants Saldana to face justice.

The fear she put me through of not seeing my daughter in the end. Sending me on a wild goose chase and not even knowing who my daughter was with, or if somebody else had took her or if she left wandering around, or if she walked off or if she was hurt, I think people need to learn their lessons, she said. I learned mine. She needs to learn hers.

Crystal Mata saysshe will never trust another person with her children and,from now on, she is going to keep them close to her side.

She wishes to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes.

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