AUSTIN -- We Texans are pretty tough - except when it comes to the cold.

So we tested a product that claims to keep your feet warm and even help relieve some aches and pains.

Hot Booties Foot Warmers claim to be the all-natural way to treat your feet to long lasting heat.
Even more when you stand and move your hot booties, they naturally massage your feet!

Dax is KVUE's promotions manager and said he's always running around the building. His feet are stressed out.

I'd say I'm on my feet about 50 percent of the day, Dax said. At the end of the day it's nice to take my shoes off.

I think Dax may need a pair of Hot Booties.

The booties come with their own bootie bag. The directions are simple, put the hot booties in to the bootie bag and heat for 30 seconds.

After trying them on,Dax isn't sure the booties are made for walking.

It's like walking on sand, he said.

But Dax has to admit that they feel great when he's just sitting and working at his desk.

It's actually kind of comfortable, he said. I have warm toasty feet like the instructions promised I'd have.

So how did Hot Booties score?

I'd give it a thumbs up, Dax said.

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