HOUSTON - Mary and Steve Klein of Cypress could not even begin to imagine life without their 11-year old daughter, Catherine.

Nine years ago, they adopted her form an orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Genetics don t matter, Mary Klein said. The love of a mom and dad is what children need.

Through their work at Houston s First Baptist Church, the Kleins have counseled dozens of adoptive parents on the process of adopting overseas.

One of them was Christy Foss of Bellaire.

Foss had been well on her way to adopting a little Russian boy with special needs, until today.

We were looking at buying a four-bedroom house that we could get, you know to have enough space for our children to have their own rooms, she said. We were kind of making big plans.

Neither she, nor the Kleins, can understand how Russia could block U.S. adoptions. They are heartbroken over the young lives they fear will now fall through the cracks.

Their own people won t adopt these children, Foss said, And they re closing the doors for other people who want these children.

By this time next year, the Fosses hoped to have the new child in their family. Foss compares her setback to a miscarriage.

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