CYPRESS, Texas -- She s a little girl from Cypress who made a big impression. Six-year-old Macie Dammeyer says she has been a Texans fan as far back as she can remember.

Macie has a special spot in her heart for Arian Foster.

He s the best player on the team, she said.

So when Foster left early during the team s loss to the Minnesota Vikings with an irregular heartbeat, she took notice.

She kept asking why he wasn t playing, so I explained to her, his heart is racing or his heart was going too fast, explained Macie s father, Brian Dammeyer. When she heard heart she got real worried and she said I'm going to make him a card.

Macie says she immediately pulled out some markers and a piece of paper.

I felt sad, so I wrote the note, said Macie.

Macie and her father never expected the attention that would come with it. Dad posted a photo of the message on Twitter, and it began circulating the cyber world.

Foster retweeted it and even made it his profile photo.

I just couldn t believe it, said Brian Dammeyer. She wrote a card sitting at our kitchen table. It was just crazy. Normally that was something we d put on the refrigerator, and now it s all over the world.

Arian Foster has since returned to practice in preparation for Sunday s showdown against the Colts.

Foster describes being touched by what Macie wrote.

It just lets you know that there are people that care about you aside from how many yards you put up, said Foster.

Foster said the heartfelt message overshadowed some of the negativity surrounding the health scare.

You see something like that, and it's very genuine and it's very sincere, said Foster. She didn't have anything to gain. She was just a genuine little kid.

Macie says she has a feeling her friends are going to be talking about her new bond with number 23 when she returns to school from Christmas break.

I think they re gonna be really jealous, and they re gonna go home and try to write a note to somebody else, she said.

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