DALLAS -- A Dallas police officer knows the true meaning of Christmas, thanks to a gift from his wife that would be hard for anyone to top.

They're recovering at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas Thursday, and amazingly, they'll both be home for Christmas.

I feel awesome, said Ricky Scott, an 11-year police veteran. Feel awesome. I got a new lease on life.

Scott got more than that Tuesday. He got a new kidney and confirmation that the wedding vow of in sickness and in health is more than just words.

The donor is his wife of 11 years, Shanice.

I believe it was in God's plan for us to definitely be able to do this, but I'm glad that I was able to [give him my kidney] to give him his life back, she said.

With Scott's kidneys nearly failing, facing dialysis and years on a transplant waiting list, his wife offered to donate one of hers. She turned out to be an excellent match, rare among married couples, according to their surgeon, Dr. Goran Klintmalm, Chairman and Chief of the Baylor Regional Transplant Institute.

They don't happen that often, and they rarely happen in time for Christmas, he said.

The doctor said Scott's prognosis is excellent for a normal life for decades. That's a gift to their seven-year-old son, who will get more play time with a dad who always felt too tired.

I told [my son,] I said, 'If I don't promise you anything, I promise you I'll be home for Christmas and I'm going to play with you,' Mr. Scott said.

Scott and his wife will be home by Christmas, although they're already exchanging gifts. She gave him matching keychains of two interlocking puzzle pieces.

But there's no gift that will match her kidney.

Yes, this is a good gift for him, she said. I'm glad to do it.

I will never ask her for anything else, Ricky Scott said, because she's given me everything.


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