HOUSTON A Texas Southern University student said he was defending himself, his daughter, and his girlfriend when he fatally shot a man accused of trying to break into their apartment.

Homicide investigators were called to the scene near the campus of Texas Southern University on Wednesday night. Authorities said the shooting occurred just before 8:30 p.m. in a four-plex house in the 3000 block of Wentworth Avenue near Ennis Street.

The shooter told police he was in the apartment with his girlfriend and their baby girl when they heard noises in another room.

They heard a loud commotion from the back of the apartment, said HPD spokesman Christopher Hassig. He wasn t entirely certain if it was a window or a door. He went to go investigate, at which point he opened the back door, and the suspect pushed his way in, and that is when the incident ensued.

The renter,a film student at TSU,spoke with KHOU 11 News about the incident but said he didn t want to be identified.

I mean, I don t wish death upon nobody, the student said. I don t like to ever have to do that, but when it comes to protecting your family and stuff like that, I would do it again to this day. The mother of my child was in there. My daughter was in there, so action needed to be taken.

Police said a gun was found on the intruder s body.

One person was taken into custody at the scene, but their involvement in the shooting, if any, wasn t immediately disclosed by police.

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