HOUSTON -- The oldest craft brewery in Texas is involved in an unique partnership that is suing traditional Japanese techniques to rain Kobe-style beef.

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. is providing its award winning Endeavour IPA to the Texas T Kobe ranch in Wallis, Texas to be used in the cattle s hay.

The yeast in the double IPA helps promote digestion, which helps to improve the flavor and texture of the herd s meat.

Texas T Kobe follows historic traditions to raise its locally bred, hormone-free wagyu cattle.

The result of the pairing beer with the cattle s hay makes the meat juicier because of the rich marbling of fat throughout the meat. According to studies at Texas A&M University and others,Kobe-style beef is heart-healthy, with the highest percentage of mono-unsaturated fat of any beef sold in the U.S.

Texas T Kobe LCC owner Gene Terry said his cattle always prefer to eat hay mixed with Endeavour over hay without beer.

Kobe beef is named for the town in Japan where the breed of cattle originated 170 years ago. While the blood line of the Texas T Kobe wagyu cattle can be traced back to Japan, the beef is called Kobe-style.

As for the history about the Saint Arnold Endeavour, it won a Silver Medal at the 2012 World Beer Cup in the Imperial India Pale Ale category.

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