SAN ANTONIO -- New federal regulations on baby cribs are set to go into effect this month.Day care providers will have to make the switch to new, stronger and safer cribs.

As of last June all cribs sold must meet new federal crib safety requirements.

Cribs with drop-down sides where infants get hurt trying to pull themselves up climbing up on the rail are banned.

Pulling up for the first time they put all their weight on whatever they are pulling up. So, especially with the drop-cribs, it was sort of an issue for me, said Madelyn Little, a parent at Blessed Sacrament Academy.

As of December 28 all day cares will have to replace their old cribs and get new cribs. The side of the new cribs cannot have slide down, they will have to have sturdier wood slats and anti-loosening nuts and bolts. The cribs must have stronger mattress supports and be able to pass rigorous tests.

Workforce Solutions Alamo

Blessed Sacrament Academy is one of the day cares that received 14 new cribs, saving them about $4,000.

Carol Sylva of Blessed Sacrament Academy said, It would have been a hardship for us because we would have to do a fundraiser or have to have some kind of grant money to purchase the cribs.

Workforce Solutions plans on giving out cribs to 172 child care service providers in 11 counties around the San Antonio metro area.

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