PASADENA, Texas -- Pasadena police have arrested the suspect they believe shot and killed a 58-year-old grandmother on Vista Road near the Beltway.

Earlier Tuesday, Pasadena police were looking for a gray 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee believed to be the suspect's vehicle. It was found and police took a Hispanic man in his fifties into custody.

Investigators say two suspects in the SUV pulled alongside a Scion eastbound on Vista and began shooting at the other vehicle.

Yolanda Aguilar, 58, was shot at least once in the head. Her husband was driving the vehicle. The bullets missed him, another female passenger and a 2-year-old child.

Aguilar's husband pulled over at the Houston Patio Garden Center to call for help, but it was too late. Aguilar died at the scene.

Pasadena Assistant Chief Bud Corbett says the initial investigation shows that both parties knew each other and might have been distant relatives. Officials say the shooters were targeting the driver of the other car because he refused to be involved in their drug-related activities.

Corbett says, I understand these family members were involved in some kind of threat related conduct back in September and this may be a spill-over from that incident.

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