SPRING, Texas E.J. Hunyadi said Friday that it s mind-boggling that four Klein ISD students would go on a rampage and vandalize dozens of cars and homes causing an estimated $20,000 in damage.

I can t even imagine what the kids were thinking, E.J. Hunyadi, a father of one of the victims, said.

Alexandra Foster, Sarah Villareal, Joshua Pereson and Taylor Thornton are charged with felony criminal mischief. The four teens, whose ages range from 17 to 18 years old, were booked and released on bond Friday. They could face six months to two years in jail and full restitution for the damage.

One girl is a cheerleader at Klein High School and the other is on the drill team. The two boys attend Klein Collins High School.

The students went on a Thanksgiving holiday joy ride through 11 Spring subdivisions, according to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable s Office.

E.J. Hunyadi s son, a Klein Collins classmate to the two boys, was one of the targets. The teens caused $3,000 in damage to his car including the front and back windows and shards of glass in the ventilation system.

I don t know why they did it to my car but I wish I could know maybe what I did wrong, Brendon Hunyadi said.

It is not clear why he was targeted but the teens told investigators that some of the homes and vehicles were targeted because they belonged to classmates, including ex-boyfriends and girlfriends whothe suspects did not like.

Everybody contributed someone they didn t like, or someone that they wished to target, and that s where their list came from, Precinct 4 Corporal Roger Schmidt said.

Other homes were targeted simply because they had nice vehicles.

We received about 30 calls through the night and early morning, Schmidt said.

The suspects used rocks, bricks, baseball bats and potted plants to damage the cars and homes, Schmidt said.

Shattered windshields, front, back, side windows, large pane windows, actually broke the frame, Schmidt said. Priceless china [damaged] from rocks being thrown through the window and just extensive all-around damage.

About 50 vehicles and homes were damaged, he said.

You would think that after one, they would think oh wow we ve overstepped a boundary or a line, but 50? There are no words, E.J. Hunyadi said.

Schmidt said that the teens probably thought that they would not get caught, but ahomeowner s surveillance camera got a snapshot of the truck reportedly used by the students. He spotted it a few days later.

I happened, personally, to see the vehicle and stopped it in a traffic stop, Schmidt said. I identified the driver who, in turn, gave me the other occupants of the vehicle.

The truck belongs to Thornton, who initially said his friends had borrowed it and denied he was with them, according to court documents. He later admitted he was driving the night of the vandalism.

The Klein Independent School District confirmed it will decide soon if they will spend the rest of their high school careers at a disciplinary alternative campus.

That they were really dumb for doing that and made a poor decision and that they ruined their lives for a long time, Brendon Hunyadi said. Actually, forever.

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