HOUSTON A car lot employee expressed gratitude to a stranger who rescued him from a car trunk that thieves had shoved him into 35 hours earlier.

It happened at the Rancho La Cotorra lot located on Gulf Bank at Airline in North Houston.

The 24-year old worker said he was jumped by two men as he closed up shop Monday night.

He said one stole a truck and the other shoved him in the trunk of a Mustang and drove off too. The car was abandoned about a mile up the road and after a day and a half a man heard him crying for help.

I was dehydrated, I was sweating, and my eyes felt so dry because I was so dehydrated, the victim said. As soon as he took me out of there I hugged him and told him he saved my life.

The man walked the mile back to the lot and called Houston police.

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