HOUSTON Before you rush out to get your kids their toys, you should know there is potential trouble in Toyland. The Consumer Product Safety Commission released its list of dangerous toys.

For many kids the holiday season is all about the toys, but toys can also be trouble.

Over the last 27 years, trouble in Toyland has lead to at least 150 recalls and other actions to get dangerous toys off store shelves, said Nasima Hossain, PIRG Public Health Advocate at PIRG.

Between 2005 and 2010, more than 50 toddlers died choking on toys or toy parts. Out of a test of 200 toys bought in the last month, 12 came back with trouble.

There have been big changes, positive ones, thanks to greater inspections well before the toys get to the store.

We are now catching a number of dangerous toys at the ports and they never make it into the market place, said Bob Adlar, Consumer Products Safety Commission

In 2008, new laws passed strictly regulating Lead and other dangerous contaminates, but some were still found. Phthalates was found in a Dora backpack bought at Target and high Lead levels were found in the Morphobots toy from Dollar Tree.

This year the group is publishing a smart phone app to help parents gauge the safety of the toys they are buying while they shop.

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