HOUSTON A man kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and held her against her will with a Taser that was stolen from her house during a burglary, according to Pasadena police.

Samuel J. Benitez was charged with kidnapping.

Benitez waited for his ex-girlfriend outside her home on November 12 and approached her with a Taser in one hand and a ring in the other, according to court documents.

He kept saying that he just wanted to talk to her and that their relationship was not over, then forced her into a nearby vehicle so they could talk.

The woman said she cooperated because, given Benitez prior domestic violence history, she was terrified and feared for her safety.

The Taser Benitez was waving at her was actually stolen from her home just two days before, leading her to believe he was responsible for the burglary.

The two were in the vehicle for about an hour and a half , then Benitez promised to give back the Taser and let her go as long as she promised to speak with him later on that day, investigators said.

Once she got away, she notified police.

No bond has been issued at this time.

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