HOUSTON A man who held SWAT officers at bay Sunday afternoon was shot and killed after a four-hour standoff, according to Houston police.

It happened in the 12800 block of Ashford Pine Drive in west Houston forcing neighbors to stay inside for safety.

I figured there was somebody holed up in a house but we didn t know what was happening, said Kareece Light. We ve been trying to stay in the house but come out every once in a while to see what s going on.

HPD received a disturbance with a weapons call around 1 p.m. when neighbors saw a man armed with a shotgun and pistol walking in and out of his garage. Police say it started when the man accused a neighbor of stealing his dog.

He had gotten into an argument with the neighbor asking for his dog to be returned, says Victor Senties with Houston Police. He had been threatened by the suspect because he was armed with a shotgun and a pistol.

The neighbor called 9-1-1 and the police showed up.

Senties says patrol officer, J.R. D Eugenio, fired shots at the suspect after police say the man appeared to be lifting up his weapon. Its unclear if the suspect was hit at that point but that s when he decided to barricade himself inside the house.

We ve recovered a multitude of weapons from inside the residence, said Senties. Apparently, the suspect had every intent to do what he had to do to be taken into custody.

Officers also believe that the suspect managed to change into camouflage before firing more rounds at the SWAT team outside the house.

Senties say at one point, the suspect had a weapon with laser pointer aimed right at an officer. That s when police fired the fatal shot into the house.

The man s identity hasn t been released and there is no sign of his dog.

One of my poor neighbors who moved in two weeks ago seemed very distressed and she was like does this kind of thing happen all the time, recalled Light. Her answer was a simple No.

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