HARRIS COUNTY Bullets were flying in all directions during a home invasion in north Harris County Friday morning. It happened in a new subdivision near I-45 North and Richey.

The homeowner was getting ready for work when he suddenly found himself dodging bullets.

And he heard a boom, boom, boom, turned around and they were breaking in the door, the victim s mother, Gwen Broussard, said.

As many as five armed men burst into the victim s brand new home about 7:30 a.m. and started shooting.

When the homeowner got his gun and fired back, one of the intruders ran away so quickly, he left his shoe behind. The other suspects weren t far behind.

The homeowner, who doesn t want his name publicized, took a bullet in the leg.

Before the crime, the victim s wife saw a white Nissan Pathfinder and a black car that she believes the intruders were sitting in.

[She was] concerned about that car there because she saw some movement in there, said James Broussard, the victim s stepfather.

The victim s wife left to drop their baby at day care and then go to work.

The baby s 9 months old and I m glad that they weren t here when all of this happened, Broussard said.

The burglars never had a chance to take anything. The family has only lived in their home a month. Their last home, also in North Harris County, had been broken into, so they moved to the new subdivision, only to find crime literally on their door step again.

It s terrible, it s terrible. They ve ripped him off before, Broussard said.

A neighbor has a surveillance camera that may yield good evidence. Also at the entrance to the subdivision is a portable surveillance station.

One family member said these guys will get theirs.

I hope they get caught. I hope they get caught, James Broussard said. They gone kick in the wrong door.

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