HOUSTON A kitten is getting some tender loving care after spending at least three days stuck under the Pierce Elevated in downtown Houston.

Rickshaw driver Robert Williams first heard the kitty meowing on Tuesday.

His head was sticking out, Williams said.

Williams tried to find someone to help.

The security guard said it wasn t her property, wasn t her problem. I told Metro PD. He shined the light on the wrong side, Williams said. I couldn t go home and think about it. It bothered me for three days.

The Houston SPCA and Houston firefighters responded Friday, but they soon realized the rescue wasn t going to be easy.

First, they tried to coax him out with tuna.

When that didn t work, firefighters finally used water to force the kitten out of the crack and into a bag.

He was a little wet and probably terrified, but otherwise OK.

I was elated. I was extremely happy when I saw them reach up and grab him, said Williams. I stuck around. I started this. I wanted to see it through. I stuck around to see him out of that hole.

The kitten was taken to a veterinarian to be checked out. If he is healthy, he will be put up for adoption.

He already has a name picked out.

Pierce cause he was on the Pierce Elevated, he said.

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