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HOUSTON -- At the intersection of East Freeway and Uvalde, a teddy bear has been tied to a light pole. It is the same pole where witnesses say they saw two children a toddler and an infant go flying from a truck on Friday night.

The truck was a black GMC Sierra.

Just before midnight, police say it was drag racing with another truck when it ran a red light.

It rammed into a Nissan Titan, which hit a Ford Focus.

The GMC then struck the pole, as the vehicle it was racing sped off.

Police say a 19-year old woman in the back of the GMC was killed on impact. Witnesses say they saw two children thrown.

I don t think those babies were in car seats because they flew out of the truck, one witness said.

Police say the driver of the GMC was 18 years old. He, along with the drivers of the Nissan and Ford, were transported to the hospital.

All of them are expected to survive. Police say the injuries to the children were not life-threatening.

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