HOUSTON With shows like MTV s Teen Mom, teenage pregnancy is getting a lot of attention. Every year, 750,000 teenagers in the U.S. get pregnant. Two local teen moms shared valuable advice with other young girls.

Allie Sakowicz is only 17 years old, but she is already a trained Doula. Not only does she help deliver babies, she offers birthing and peer support to pregnant teens.

The fact that these moms come to me because they think I have something special to offer is really touching, Sakowicz said.

Trust among teens is often misplaced in television shows that turn teen parents into celebrities.

It shows like the basic stuff, but not like everything that s hard like financial issues, daycares, like trying to find everything and balance everything, said Jessica Kreis, a teen mom.

Studies show babies born to teen mothers are at higher risk for problems such as low birth weight, premature deliver and, the younger the mother is, the more chances there are of her baby dying during its first year of life.

Many teen girls don t understand that they have a 90-percent chance of getting pregnant every time they have unprotected sex. Experts believe the problem is girls are too embarrassed to ask for birth control.

Knikia got pregnant when she was only 16. She says she was too afraid to tell her mom that she was having sex.

If I had felt more open about when I wanted to start having sex, I feel I could have gotten started on the pill then, Knikia said.

Briana, a teen mother of two has some advice.

I would just say be safe and really think and know about what you re doing before you get yourself into something that you can t get yourself out of, she said.

Wise words.

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