HOUSTON Police have released dash cam video of the crash that killed 16-year-old Shawn Williams over the weekend.

The video shows an officer starting the chase of the fleeing pickup truck. It had been seen at a shoplifting incident at San Jacinto Mall, and then was found minutes later at another shoplifting attempt at a nearby Academy store.

The truck shown bouncing through a ditch had just rammed a Baytown police vehicle, and then raced south on Garth road at a high rate of speed.

The officer backs off and keeps a visual on the truck as it races in oncoming traffic and blows through red lights.

Two miles later, as another officer is laying down spike strips, there is an explosion. The footage shows the car holding Williams and 17-year old Shay Hollingshead in flames. Two people are seen running, later identified as Shannon Joe Chauncey and Jennifer Jenkins, who were captured moments later.

Police believe they did all they could to avoid the loss of life. Williams family says that is not their concern right now. Their focus is on celebrating the life of a young man loved by everyone who knew him.

We teach our kids that live life like it s your last day, said Shawn s father. He would do everything. And he always lived for the benefit of someone else.

I didn t think I would ever see people in the community this attached to one of my children, to our family, you know. Thank you, said Shawn s mother Pleshette.

The argument over his death and who is to blame will wait for another day. In the meantime, Shay Hollingshead remains in critical condition.

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